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The Deeply Formed Life

by Mosaic Blogger on March 07, 2021

MARCH 2021 - Mosaic Wednesday Bible Study

8pm on Zoom

"As long as we remain enslaved to a culture of speed, superficiality,

and distraction, we will not be the people God longs for us to be."

Wednesdays in March: 3,10, 17, 24, 31

The Deeply Formed Life by Rich Villodas

You may purchase the book from Amazon or from our local Mableton Christian book store here. 
God is trying to form us through the small regularly repeated practices of spiritual growth, discipleship, sabbath rhythms. During our chaotic times, discover five forgotten values that can spark internal growth and help us reconcile our Christian faith with the complexities of race, sexuality, and social justice.
  • You're being formed either by culture or by Christ.
  • God is not interested in dividing life into sacred and non-sacred categories
  • God is not interested in transforming some parts of us and leaving the rest untouched
  • God is not interested in having us reduce our faith to a personal decision that merely punches a ticket to heaven
  • God in Christ has redeemed us and calls out our lives to reflect this good news by being deeply formed for the sake of the world.

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