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Preparing for what's NEXT: Follow Jesus to Become Like Jesus

by Mosaic Blogger on January 03, 2024

We will NOT gather in person this Sunday, January 7th.


Jesus said that we should rest. In fact, if you read the creation account in Genesis, the 7th day never ends. We are designed by God to be productive, have dominion, etc. from a place of REST. So on this 7th day of 2024... let's prepare for God's NEXT for us by RESTING!

Today, on our Facebook prayer time with Pastor B, he shared a devotional based on 1 Timothy 4:7 - 11 (NLT). What do we need to learn about Jesus' spiritual disciplines to serve and follow him well?
We covered this in lesson #8 of our Seminary Saturdays class last fall. Please take advantage of this FREE access to the video lesson and study guide to help you plan your day of rest this weekend.

Last fall, we launched our Seminary Saturdays course. Developed and taught by Dr. Erika Santiago, this 12-week course connected theology, church history, and spiritual disciplines. The participants learned that to make disciples for Jesus, we have to become like Jesus. As we continue our 21 days of prayer and fasting at Mosaic Church, we are preparing ourselves for what is NEXT. We have learned from Pastor B that "faith believes and hope expects" so we are now expecting more in 2024!

Sunday, January 7th, 2024, we will not gather in person. Pastor B has prepared a message to share at 10am online. We want you to enjoy a sabbath rest. To prepare for such a rest, we are sharing a lesson on following Jesus' spiritual disciplines. 

The following video lesson is from the Seminary Saturdays course. It is Lesson #8: Train as Jesus Trained.

In this video lesson on discipleship, the focus is on transforming habits to become like Jesus. The process involves conforming to Christ's image through the renewal of the mind and transforming the heart. Training as Jesus trained requires intentional prayer, rest, reflection, and cultivating a pattern of humility, obedience, sacrifice, and submission. Following Jesus's pattern of life leads to enhanced spirituality, reduced anxiety, and increased peace. Incorporating daily spiritual disciplines allows individuals to follow Jesus's examples and grow in emotional maturity and authentic love and service towards others.

Study Guide (Download)

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