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What does the Bible say about marriage and singleness?

by Mosaic Blogger on April 22, 2024

Applying Biblical Wisdom to Marriage & Singleness

Marriage is a sacred union that requires intentional effort and adherence to biblical principles. In our recent sermon, we explored the topic of marriage, discussing its significance in the Christian faith and addressing important questions that were raised. Let us now delve into some practical life applications and provide a reading plan to help you further develop your understanding of biblical wisdom for marriage.

When it comes to the topics of singleness and marriage, the Bible offers valuable insights and guidance for both seasons of life. Singleness is not to be diminished or overlooked within the Christian community. It is a time of opportunity for deepening one's relationship with God, serving others with undivided devotion, and pursuing personal growth.

On the other hand, marriage is a sacred union that requires selflessness, mutual submission, and commitment. Both singleness and marriage are honored in the Bible, and each comes with its own blessings and challenges. Pastor B and Dr. Erika reminded us that marriage is not a life goal for Christians; our goal is to become holy like Jesus. 

Life Application: Cultivating a Christ-Centered Marriage

Building a solid foundation for your marriage starts with prioritizing Christ in your relationship. Here are a few key takeaways from the sermon that can help you cultivate a Christ-centered marriage:

  • Commit to mutual submission and sacrificial love (Ephesians 5:21-33): Both husbands and wives are called to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. This means putting each other's needs before your own and prioritizing the well-being of your spouse.
  • Communicate effectively and resolve conflict with love and respect: Clear and open communication is essential in any relationship. Practice active listening, empathy, and always choose words that build up rather than tear down.
  • Embrace shared vision and goals: Seek common values and goals that align with your faith. Develop a vision for your marriage that encompasses both personal growth and the growth of your relationship.
  • Reject any forms of control or abuse: God abhors violence and control within relationships. It is crucial to create a safe and respectful environment where both partners are treated with dignity and love.

Reading Plan: Deepening Your Understanding of Biblical Wisdom for Relationships

As you continue to strengthen your relationships, deepening your understanding of biblical wisdom can be incredibly beneficial. Here is a suggested reading plan to help you delve deeper into this topic:

  1. "Emotionally Healthy Discipleship" by Peter Scazzero: Offers insights on integrating emotional health and spiritual maturity for individuals and communities within the context of discipleship.
  2. "Relational Intelligence" by Dharius Daniels: Provides practical guidance on cultivating healthy relationships through understanding emotional dynamics and effective communication strategies.
  3. "The Great Sex Rescue" by Gregoire: Explores misconceptions about sexuality within Christian teachings and offers a fresh perspective on fostering healthy, fulfilling sexual relationships within marriage.
  4. "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" by Gottman: Presents research-backed principles and practical exercises to strengthen marriages, focusing on communication, empathy, and understanding.
  5. Boundaries in Marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend - This book offers practical guidance on setting healthy boundaries within your marriage, fostering mutual respect and personal growth.

By engaging with these resources, you can gain valuable insights into biblical principles for marriage and incorporate them into your everyday life.


Marriage is a beautiful and complex journey that requires continual growth and dedication. By applying the biblical wisdom discussed in our sermon, you can cultivate a Christ-centered marriage that honors God and thrives in love and unity. Remember to prioritize mutual submission, communicate with love and respect, and reject any forms of control or abuse within your relationship. Through prayer, intentional effort, and a commitment to lifelong learning, your marriage can become a testimony to God's love and grace.

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